Rapid Water Damage Restoration Using The TES Drying System: The FASTEST Possible Way To Get Your Life Back To Normal!

When water damage strikes your home, every minute matters for clean up and restoration. The longer you wait the more water damage. Also, insurance does not typically cover secondary damage caused by delay. That’s one of the reasons my company uses the TES water extraction system, the world’s fastest drying equipment using state-of-the-art technology. The Flood Doctor is on-call for you 24/7 year round’ with a live operator ready to take your call. I guarantee water removal from your home in just three hours or less. That’s 3X faster than anyone else around…

The Flood Doctor Uses ONLY TES Equipment:
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Super High-Speed Water Damage Removal Completed In 3 HOURS OR LESS… 100% Guaranteed!

CAUTION… The biggest mistake most folks like you make with water damage to their property is not dealing with it right away. It’s a proven fact that the longer you wait the more damage is done (sometimes permanent) to your house and even the foundation; this means you pay more money the longer you procrastinate. I understand just how important your home, your family, and your finances are to you because I know how important these things are to me. The faster we get to work on your water damage the lower your cost. The Floodoctor is your trusted shoulder to lean on for water damage restoration to your home or business.

Another Reason Why The Flood Doctor Is Your Perfect Choice

Plus we use the latest high-performance equipment that guarantees you ultra-fast water damage removal in 3 short hours or less. No other company has invested more to deliver amazing results, and that’s why we are second to none in the Detroit Area. This advanced technology saves you valuable time and saves your hard-earned money. In addition, The Flood Doctor:

  • Conducts On-going Team Training To Stay Current On All Water Damage Restoration Techniques
  • Uses Only The Most Qualified And Best Trained Personnel In The Industry
  • Is Recommended By Insurance Agents And Adjusters Because Of Our Great Reputation And Training
  • Performs Regular Testing And Certification On All Employees
  • Consistently Out-Performs All Other Water Damage Restoration Companies In Metro Detroit


What’s The RISK From Using A Contractor Or Another Water Damage Restoration Company?

Most of my competition are just glorified construction companies in disguise, and what they really want is to maximize your initial damage so they can come right back and double dip with higher re-construction costs! They’ve left the construction business because it’s slow, changed their signs and are now trying to present themselves as water damage restoration pros. Do you really want under-qualified and poorly trained workers taking this kind of a risk with your home or business? This costs you more money and typically leads to unseen problems that don’t surface until they’re long gone. This of course takes longer for you to get back on your feet and robs you of your hard earned cash!